Dive the Zenobia shipwreck

pissouri bay cyprus

The Zenobia is one of the top ten wreck dives in the world, built in 1979 in Malmo, Sweden. A state of the art, roll on, roll off ferry, she left Sweden early May 1980 on her maiden voyage, heading to Syria. Laden with 104 lorries, all carrying cargo, she entered the Mediterranean through the Straits of Gibraltar to sail to Crete where she berthed for two days. She then headed for Port Piraeus, Greece. It was on the way there that the Captain noticed problems with the steering and the Zenobia started listing to the port side. It was discovered that too much water was being pumped into the ballast tanks. Taking four days, the water was pumped out and repairs made, believed to be corrected, the Zenobia set sail again.

The next port of call was Larnaca, she arrived on June 3rd where the same problem re-occurred and became progressively worse despite various attempts by engineers to repair it. On June 4th the Zenobia was towed out of port and anchored about 2km offshore. All the crew were safely taken off the ferry which was now listing at 45 degrees. With no corrective measures in sight, the Zenobia was left at sea as there was no hope of returning her to port. In the early hours of the morning of 7th June 1980, she sank into 42 metres of water along with £200 million worth of cargo and vehicles.

Now come and join us diving on this amazing wreck. An early start to get to Larnaca, we then travel out to the wreck by a boat which used to be a fire tender on the Thames in London, a piece of history in itself. We have 2 dives with a long break in the middle to relax and then a barbeque lunch. Refreshments are available throughout the day. A fantastic day out for divers and non-divers.