Diving in Limassol

Diving in Limassol offers some of the best diving to be found anywhere in the Republic of Cyprus.

Following an initiative to improve dive tourism to Cyprus, one of the incentives resulted in the development of an artificial reef being formed just off of the Limassol coast and part of a fish reserve. This artificial reef was constructed in 2014 and comprises primarily of two wrecks, the Costandis and the Lady Thetis, both lying in 23m and 18m respectively.


The Costandis was a 30m Russian Trawler  lying in 23m with her top deck uppermost, she is an awesome wreck, perfect for teaching Specialities and home to a well-established amount of Aquatic life including huge shoals of Amberjacks, 2 Banded Bream, Saddle Bream, Damsel Fish, Trumpet Fish, Moray’s, Turtles and, on occasion, Dolphins have been heard and seen in the area. But the most famous resident is a huge Grouper, nick named George, who regularly accompanies divers throughout their exploration, often greeting them on their approach and sticking close by throughout their dives. Be mindful of the ever increasing number of Lion Fish.

The Costandis has 2 x permanent Buoys marking her position, one on her Port Side and One just off of her Bow. Dive boats generally Moore on the Port Buoy but be sure to check with the skipper as visibility often results in the wreck not being visible from the anchor chain. There are occasional strong currents in the area, a DSMB is advisable.

Lady Thetis

The Lady Thetis was a passenger vessel originally constructed in Germany, she is 30m long and lies upright in 18m of water, easily accessible for the Open Water Diver and now home to an awesome amount of aquatic life.

Like the Costandis, Buoys mark her Port and Bow but both are close to the wreck and she is generally visible from the Buoy line on decent.

Be mindful of sharp objects on both wrecks caused by corrosion over the past 6 years.