Zenobia Wreck Diving

For any diver planning on SCUBA Diving in Cyprus it is absolutely imperative that a visit to this world-famous wreck, to experience some amazing Zenobia diving, is placed number 1 on your itinerary.

This 172m long Roll on Roll off Ferry sank 1.5km off of the port of Larnaca in 1980, going down with her full cargo of 104 articulated lorries, complete with goods which were destined for Syria. There are various conspiracy theories surrounding the mysterious sinking of the Zenobia but the official reports state that she was suffering from ballast problems, she docked in Larnaca port to try and rectify the fault but to no avail, The harbour master could not risk such a large vessel going down in the port and effectively blocking all shipping, he insisted she be towed 1.5km offshore. The problem worsened, the captain ordered ‘abandon ship’ before she listed Port side past the point of no return and headed to the sea bed where she lies today.

She now lies on the sea bed at a depth of 42m, her Starboard side being uppermost at 18m and offering the perfect dive attraction for all levels from Open Water Diver. A first-class training platform to suit all courses from Advanced Open Water, through many Speciality Courses and on to the most demanding of technical courses.

She has become a well-established artificial reef attracting a plethora of marine life including Turtles, Morays, Barracuda, Grouper, Bream, Wrasse and an ever-increasing number of Lion Fish.

Zenobia Diving is an absolute must when SCUBA Diving in Cyprus. Crystal clear waters with visibility often in excess of 50m, great dive boats with ample facilities including refreshments, sun loungers, medical equipment, toilets and a BBQ. Conditions are mostly favourable and calm.

Pissouri Bay Divers offer a second to non-service for all Zenobia Diving with professional, highly experienced instructors and guides, the highest quality kit and equipment and a premier, personal service.