Yesterday, Sunday 9th June, we celebrated World Oceans Day in the best way possible—by taking action! Here at Pissouri Bay Divers, we gathered a dedicated group of 12 divers to clean up our favourite dive spot, Jubilee Shoals. This underwater paradise, known for its vibrant marine life and stunning underwater landscapes, deserves all the protection we can give.

The Hidden Threat Beneath the Waves

Ghost nets and abandoned fishing lines are a significant problem for our oceans. These remnants of fishing activities continue to “fish” long after they’ve been lost or discarded. They ensnare marine life, damage delicate coral reefs, and create hazards for divers. Here’s why this is such a big deal:

  • Marine Life Entanglement: Ghost nets trap fish, turtles, dolphins, and other marine creatures, often leading to injury or death. These animals can struggle for days or even weeks before succumbing to exhaustion, starvation, or drowning.
  • Habitat Destruction: When ghost nets drift, they can settle on coral reefs and other vital marine habitats. The weight and movement of the nets break corals and uproot seagrasses, which are crucial for marine biodiversity.
  • Navigation Hazards: For divers, abandoned fishing lines and nets pose serious safety risks. They can entangle equipment and create dangerous situations underwater.


A Grim Reality

Sadly, during our dives at Jubilee Shoals, we often find the tragic results of these dangers. Dead turtles, fish, and moray eels are frequently discovered, victims of the relentless grip of ghost nets and abandoned lines. Each of these discoveries is a stark reminder of why our efforts are so crucial.

Our Dive, Our Impact

Our team of 12 divers plunged into the crystal-clear waters of Jubilee Shoals with a mission: to make a difference. Armed with cutting tools, collection bags, and a shared determination, we scoured the site for fishing lines, and other debris. We don’t target, already well established, discarded fishing nets strewn over Jubilee Shoals, as they are well established, don’t pose a threat to marine life, in fact quite the opposite, they have been down there so long that they now have well established ecosystems of their own including corals and macro life.

The Haul

After hours of meticulous work, we surfaced with a substantial haul of debris. The collected nets and lines were carefully removed from the water, ensuring that no further harm would come to the marine life we cherish. The only net removed was a relatively new snagged and discarded fishing net that floated menacingly above the reef ensnaring marine life.

Why It Matters

By removing these hazards, we’re not just cleaning up a dive site; we’re protecting an ecosystem. Every piece of net or line we remove is a life saved and a step toward healthier oceans.

Join the Cause

World Oceans Day reminds us that our actions, no matter how small, have a big impact on our planet. Whether you’re a diver or someone who loves the sea from the shore, you can help:

  • Participate in Cleanups: Join local cleanup efforts or organize your own. Every bit of debris removed is a win for marine life.
  • Spread Awareness: Educate others about the dangers of ghost nets and abandoned fishing gear. The more people know, the more we can do together.
  • Support Sustainable Practices: Encourage and support sustainable fishing practices that reduce the chances of gear being lost at sea.

A Big Thank You

We couldn’t have done this without the incredible support of our divers and the local community. Your passion and dedication make all the difference. Together, we can keep our oceans—and our beloved Jubilee Shoals—beautiful and thriving for generations to come.

Happy World Oceans Day! Let’s continue to make waves in the fight for cleaner, healthier seas.