Diving in Pissouri

For anyone SCUBA Diving in Cyprus then Diving in Pissouri with Pissouri Bay Divers will tick all of the boxes whether you are a single diver, a diver but part of a non diving family or if you are part of a group, Pissouri offers something for everyone with some great activities for the non divers and first class local diving of sites including: Pissouri Bay, Nobles Cove, Airport and Jubilee Shoals for the divers.

Also, as Pissouri is relatively centrally located on the Southern Coast we are within easy access of Ayia Napa, Cape Greko and the world famous Zenobia Wreck over to the East. The Limassol Wrecks is literally a 30 minute drive away as is Paphos and all of its fantastic dive sites to the West.

Nobles Cove

This is one of our favourite local dive sites. A shore dive located very close to Pissouri Bay, this has easy access and depths from 5-10m. This was an ancient Roman harbour dating back to between 200-400AD, as well as exploring the gorgeous topography whilst encountering typical Mediterranean marine life, we also have the pleasure of a good amount of Amphorae, much of it still remaining in remarkable condition, along with Anchors and other artifacts.

Jubilee Shoals

The jewel in the crown of Diving in Pissouri is Jubilee Shoals, this boat dive located 4 Nm directly from Pissouri Bay is rated, by some, as the best non wreck dive in Cyprus. It consists of a wall, the pinnacle of which sits at a depth of around 18m, falling away to the sea bed below to around 60m. The top of the wall can be experienced by most certification levels.

An entrance to a labyrinth of swim throughs and caves can be found at around 36m leading to a 60m swim through, strictly for the suitably qualified and experienced diver.

This dive attracts some amazing aquatic life attracted by the upwelling rich with nutrients along the wall.